Samplitude Pro

Samplitude is like most DAWs in that it allows the user to:

  • Record and manipulate multitrack digital audio
  • Record and manipulate MIDI data
  • Apply effects, such as reverb and delay, some versions of Samplitude come bundled with effects
  • Automate the process of mixing audio
  • Utilize virtual instruments, such as software synthesizers, software samplers, software drum machines
  • Connect to other multimedia applications with sample accuracy via ReWire

One of the features that separates Samplitude from other DAWs is the concept of “object-oriented editing”. In Samplitude, an “object” is a graphical representation of a piece of audio or MIDI data that appears on a Track in the Arranger window. If the object is an Audio object, it will look like a standard graphic of a Wav file. If the object is a MIDI object, it will appear as a series of square dots that represent the MIDI notes contained therein. Through the Object Editor, various controls and effects (Pan, Volume, Invert Phase, Timestretch, Pitchshift, VST plugins, Magix Plugins, etc.) can be applied at the Object level as opposed to being applied at the Track level.

Objects can be created in Samplitude either by importing them or by recording. Objects created by recording appear as a continuous, unbroken rectangle on the Track. However, objects can also be “split”, creating multiple smaller objects from a larger one, or “glued”, which combines multiple smaller objects into one larger one.

Samplitude Pro X3 Suite also includes a variety of high-quality built-in effects, including the AM-munition Compressor/Limiter, the AM-Suite (Analogue Modeling Suite), and Vandal (Guitar and Bass Amp simulator). Samplitude also includes the essentialFX Suite, which are 10 plug-ins using high quality algorithms that have low resource demands. Samplitude Pro X2 Suite also includes the Independence Sampler Workstation that includes 70GB of content (Samplitude Pro X2 only 12GB).

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