Powerplay Pro-XL

Affordable Headphone Amp

Not enough headphone outputs for the entire band? You need the Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL HA4700 headphone amp. Four high-powered headphone amps deliver your mix, allowing everyone to hear. Each output channel has 1/4″ outputs, a 2-band EQ, LED output meter, mute switches, a stereo/ dual mono toggle and a 1/4″ stereo AUX input. On the back of the HA4700 you will find two more additional headphones out so you can drive a total of 12 sets of headphones from this single unit. Stereo or dual mono main inputs and outputs are located in the back in both XLR and 1/4″ jacks.

Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL HA4700 at a Glance:

  • Four high-powered headphone amps
  • LED output meters
  • AUX inputs on each channel
  • Can run up to 12 sets of headphones
  • Toroidal transformer

Producent: Behringer